The highest salary in September was offered to the ship’s captain

The captain of a fishing vessel in Murmansk is the highest paid vacancy in September. Together with a social package and an official car, the applicant is ready to pay half a million rubles a month, taking into account taxes, the URA.RU portal reported on September 26 with reference to the SuperJob study.

“After paying taxes, the captain is offered at least 500 thousand rubles a month. He will also be provided with a full social package, fish and a foreign car, ”the document says.

Experts analyzed about a million vacancies and made the top ten most attractive salary positions. Most of them are in Moscow. After the captain in Murmansk, the top three were a candidate for the position of Scala Developer (middle / senior) in the capital. He is offered 350-370 thousand rubles a month, and he can work both in the office and remotely. In third place is the head of the Moscow IT department, who are willing to pay from 350 thousand rubles.

The top ten lucrative vacancies also include a regional sales manager in the St. Petersburg office with a salary of 300 thousand rubles (+% salary), a dentist surgeon-implantologist in Moscow with the same salary, and a furniture production director in the Tver region with the same 300 thousand rubles. rubles, free hotel accommodation on the territory of the factory and meals in the corporate canteen.

At the bottom of the rating are vacancies from the IT sphere in Moscow: Senior Developer, DevOps Engineer, Python Backend Team Lead. Salaries for specialists are offered in the range from 250 to 370 thousand rubles.

Earlier, on September 22, another job search service analyzed vacancies with salaries of 200 thousand rubles or more. That kind of money was offered in September to a carpenter in St. Petersburg, who will be engaged in the manufacture of furniture according to sketches and drawings. In Voronezh – an engineer, and in Nizhny Novgorod – a dental technician.

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