The head of NASA appreciated cooperation with Russia in space

The head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Bill Nelson praised the cooperation with Russia in the space field. In his opinion, the model of interaction between the two countries must be preserved, since it is exemplary, as he announced on Tuesday, September 21.

“It (cooperation – Ed.) Is a model for the world, which is often in a state of tension due to politics. It is a model of how countries can unite, (be an example – Ed.) Of peaceful cooperation in space. I think it is important to maintain this model, ”Nelson said during his briefing.

Nelson added that he is very enthusiastic about the continued cooperation with Russia, which has been going on since 1975. According to him, “NASA wants, as well as America wants” countries to work together on the civil space program.

Earlier, Bill Nelson mentioned the space race with China, which, together with Russia, is fruitfully cooperating in outer space.

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