The government has chosen the search engine “Yandex” for pre-installation on gadgets

The Russian government has approved the domestic search engine Yandex for use by default on certain types of technically complex goods sold in the country from January 1, 2022. At the same time, users will still be able to select a search engine at the first launch of the browser, and Yandex will be only one of the options. Changes are being made to the order adopted in July this year. “To approve the search engine Yandex, operated by the limited liability company Yandex, used without additional settings (by default),” the order published on the portal of legal information says. , Yandex, like last time, won the competition and became a Russian search engine to be used on gadgets. “According to the results of the competitive selection of the search engine for use by default in 2022, the government also approved the search engine Yandex. As with other pre-installed applications, the choice is….

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