The government did not support the LDPR project to increase the minimum wage to 20 thousand rubles

The Russian government has given a negative opinion on the LDPR bill to increase the minimum wage (minimum wage) to 20 thousand rubles. per month. The authorities justified this decision by the fact that the project incorrectly calculates the amount of the minimum wage, TASS reports with reference to the government’s recall.

The document clarifies that the proposal of the Liberal Democratic Party does not comply with the law, according to which from 2021 the minimum wage “is calculated at the rate of 42% of the median wage calculated by Rosstat for the previous year”, but the amount should not be lower than the subsistence minimum of the working-age population as a whole across the Russian Federation for the next year. According to Rosstat, the median salary for 2020 was 32,400 rubles.

In addition, as noted in the government, the LDPR initiative would require additional spending from the federal budget. The response also says that the draft law does not spell out “sources and procedure for the implementation of new types of expenditure obligations”, which violates Art. 83 of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation. “On the basis of the above, the government of the Russian Federation does not support the bill,” the government concluded.

LDPR spoke about its initiative in August. The bill envisaged an increase in the minimum wage to 20 thousand rubles. from the beginning of 2022, this would have required about 1.2 trillion rubles. Now the minimum wage is set at 12 792 rubles. Last week, the government approved the minimum wage not lower than the subsistence level in 2022, its amount will increase by 6.4%, to 13,617 rubles.

About the rules of the Ministry of Labor on the calculation of the subsistence minimum in the regions of Russia – in the material “b” “Coefficients for poverty”.

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