The expert spoke about ways to improve safety in schools and universities

The quality of the services provided would be significantly increased due to targeted funding of security in educational institutions, as well as close control over the norms of the law that regulate the cost of services of security companies, says Alexander Kozlov, head of the Federal Coordination Center for Heads of Security Structures.

On May 8, 2021, Rosgvardia order No. 45 came into force, which determined the rules for calculating the initial maximum price of a contract for security services. Usually the tender is won by the company that offered the minimum cost, the expert explained. At the same time, many security organizations are still working under old contracts, that is, at the lower prices that were prevailing before the order, he noted.

“They will take, again, those who offer the lowest price. Usually such organizations do not comply with the laws. The quality of child protection in educational institutions also suffers from this. Moreover, in budgetary organizations, protection is not financed by a separate article. There are two problems to solve here: targeted funding for security posts and the execution of Order No. 45, “Alexander Kozlov believes.

As a result of the shooting at the Perm State National Research University (PGNIU), which took place on September 20, six people were killed. Another 28 received various injuries.

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