The expert says about the danger of early repayment of the loan


    Alexey Petropolsky, CEO of Urvista Law Firm, explained the danger of early repayment of a loan.

    He noted that such a procedure does not make economic sense, and for legal entities, it can bear negative consequences, given the difficult epidemiological situation in the country.

    “If the company does not know whether it can cope with the consequences of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, then it is better to smudge the money for as long as possible,” the Prime agency quoted Petropolsky as saying.

    The expert emphasized that if the increase in the payment term is worth interest, companies will still be able to survive in a similar format easier than with the early repayment of all debts.

    Among other things, there are so-called risks of closing leasing loans. The agreements of such loans prescribe penalties for early repayment.

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