The doctor named a way to recognize a birth injury in a newborn

Obstetrician-gynecologist Irina Menshikova on Friday, September 24, named a way to recognize a birth trauma in a newborn.

“During the passage through the birth canal, the fetal skull bones are under enormous stress, which can lead to the formation of intracranial hematomas. Subsequently, this can lead to complications in the form of cerebral palsy (infantile cerebral palsy), encephalopathy, increased intra-abdominal pressure, as well as delayed psychomotor development of the child, “the Fifth Channel quotes Menshikova’s words.

If the child becomes “restless” or tends to turn his head to one side, then this may indicate an intracranial hematoma. If these signs are found, parents should contact a neurologist and make the newborn a computed tomography and neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain through the fontanelle), the specialist added.

The obstetrician-gynecologist noted that minor birth injuries include damage to the skin of the fetus, the formation of hematomas, fractures of the collarbones and lower leg. Severe injuries include damage to the liver, spleen, spinal cord, or brain.

In order to avoid birth traumatism, parents should engage in its prevention. Pregnancy planning must be careful, the doctor said.

“An expectant mother must certainly obey doctors during childbirth, and also seriously approach the choice of a competent doctor for delivery and a maternity hospital with an impeccable reputation, and then the risk of birth injuries will be minimized,” concluded Menshikova.

On September 24, scientists warned that taking paracetamol could be dangerous for pregnant women. So, the researchers conducted epidemiological studies on humans and animal cells and found that the effects of paracetamol on the body during pregnancy can affect the development of the fetus – increase the risk of certain disorders in the development of the nervous, reproductive and genitourinary systems.

On September 21, the Russian government planned to make social and psychological assistance more accessible to pregnant women, which is aimed at reducing the number of abortions.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a plan for the implementation of the Concept of Demographic Policy, its activities are divided into seven sections. So, one of them includes measures to reduce maternal and infant mortality, and improve reproductive health.

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