The Court of Appeal confirmed the illegality of the change of leadership of Natura Siberica

The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal left unchanged the decision of the lower instance, according to which the appointment of the Cesar Consulting law firm as the general director of Natura Siberika LLC was declared illegal, follows from the data of the court’s file. The decision that the head structure of the cosmetic group of Andrey Trubnikova (brands Natura Siberica and Granny Agafia’s Recipes) will be headed by Cesar Consulting, which was adopted in April at a meeting of members of the society. The first wife of Mr. Trubnikov, Irina Trubnikova, filed a statement declaring the decision invalid. The Moscow Arbitration Court declared the appointment invalid, since Irina Trubnikova was notified of the meeting only two days before it, and not a month, as required by the charter. As follows from the case materials, the participants of Natura Siberica LLC are Andrey Trubnikov with a 60% stake (Cesar Consulting was appointed a trustee) and Irina Trubnikova with a 40% stake in the authorized capital. As they wrote ….

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