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The Central Bank offered to allow investing on the stock exchange from the age of 12


The Bank of Russia proposes to reduce to 12 years the age when retail investors can enter the stock exchange to make transactions with securities, said First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergei Shvetsov.

Now, according to the law, transactions can be carried out from the age of 14 with the consent of legal representatives. You can start investing at the age of 18.

“The world is getting faster, and teenagers are definitely ahead of us in terms of digitalization. Therefore, it is normal that the age for investing will decline. Moreover, some people enter the market not to earn money, but to gain knowledge, ”said Mr. Shvetsov in an interview with Izvestia TV channel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (quoted by Interfax). The representative of the Central Bank noted that a final consensus with the government has not yet been reached.

According to Sergei Shvetsov, you can trade on the stock exchange from the age of 12. “It all depends on what is taught at the school. At school, by the age of 12, people know mathematics quite well. Children by the age of 12 have sufficient knowledge of mathematics to try the most basic financial instruments possible, ”he added.

According to the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, restrictions on trading in instruments for a young investor are being discussed. “But I believe that the family should decide for itself what restrictions to set. This is the family’s money, so the state does not need to interfere too much, ”said Mr. Shvetsov.

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