The case was opened after the death of a worker on a Saratov farm

A criminal case was initiated over the death of a working farm in the village of Novye Burasy, Saratov Region. The decision to initiate a case was made on the basis of inspection materials that came from the state labor inspectorate.

The incident was qualified under the article “Violation of labor protection requirements committed by a person who is entrusted with the obligations to comply with them, if this entailed the death of a person by negligence.”

The investigation established that on June 15, at the farm, a 39-year-old operator was loading grain into a car on a metal overpass of a grain cleaning complex. The site did not have a fence, and the operator was not provided with personal protective equipment. He fell from the site onto the asphalt.

The man was hospitalized, but after 10 days he died. The forensic medical examination established that the cause of death was blunt head trauma, writes IA “Vzglyad-info”.

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