Car dealer “Rolf” announced a restriction on the purchase of used cars from the free market. This happened against the background of the blocking of funds on one of the company’s accounts. The bailiff service has carried out a technical blockage as part of an investigation begun in 2019. “The buyback of used cars from the free market is limited. We work with new cars as standard, ”said the general director of the car dealer Svetlana Vinogradova, her words were conveyed to RBC by the press service. According to Ms Vinogradova, the company is now working to unblock the account. Earlier, the source of the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel reported that the court, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, seized the accounts of the Rolf company as part of the investigation of the case against the owner of the company Sergey Petrov. We are talking about transferring funds to the accounts of non-residents using forged documents (Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code). The general director of Rolf has denied the information that the company’s activities are “paralyzed”. “All dealerships” Rolf “are operating normally,” – said ….