The average size of a mortgage loan in Russia for the first time exceeded 3 million rubles

The average check on a mortgage loan has reached record values ​​due to the rise in property prices. In June, it exceeded 3 million rubles, having increased by 27% over the year, the press service of the United Credit Bureau (OKB) said.

In the first six months of 2021, the indicator increased by 403 thousand rubles, and for the year – by 652 thousand rubles.

“This rapid growth in the average loan size was primarily influenced by real estate prices. If in April a square meter in the secondary market cost less than 71 thousand rubles, and on the primary market – 92 thousand rubles, then in May – already 73 and 95 thousand rubles. respectively. In June, a square meter in the secondary market has risen in price to 98 thousand rubles. “- said the general director of the bureau Artur Alexandrovich (quoted by TASS).

He stressed that Russians began to borrow more money from banks, so “the loan term had to be increased as well.” In June, the loan term increased on average by three months, to 18 years and eight months, added Aleksandrovich.

Among the 30 regions in which borrowers take the largest number of mortgage loans, the average amount increased most noticeably in Kalmykia (by 12% compared to May), Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Tomsk regions (by 9%).

In June 2021, banks in the Russian Federation significantly increased the issuance of mortgages. A number of credit institutions have shown not only impressive year-on-year growth, but also record loans in the entire history. The increase in demand was influenced by the preferential mortgage program for new buildings, which became less profitable from July 1.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Mortgage accelerated at the finish line.”

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