The army will be sent to the virtual world // Artificial intelligence for the military was offered to be taught on computer games

Subordinate to Roskomnadzor, the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRCHTs) wants to adopt foreign experience in the use of game artificial intelligence (AI) for the needs of the armed forces, including in the construction of real combat strategies and the creation of simulators. In Russia, such technologies are already being developed by Rostec. But experts were … Read more

The Daily Telegraph assessed the results of Merkel’s work as chancellor

The results of Angela Merkel’s tenure as chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany are not very positive both for her party, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), and for Europe as a whole. This opinion was expressed on December 3 by the author of The Daily Telegraph. As the author notes, Merkel dominated … Read more

Instagram crashed

Instagram users reported problems with the social network. According to Downdetector’s crash map, complaints mostly come from Belarus, as well as Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Instagram crashes were reported around 17:00. Most of the users complained about an app crash (56%), a website (23%), and server connection problems (21%). …

Technoogue Visionary // How Jack Dorsey Run Twitter With Pleasure

Last week, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO to pursue his other company, Square. Most likely, he will not spend more time on it. Having created two multibillion-dollar businesses, Dorsey has never been distinguished by the desire to give himself all to work, more appreciating his personal life. However, even for Twitter, the … Read more

High flood performance // Companies started to monitor remote employees more closely

Personnel monitoring systems are used or are planning to be implemented by 76% of Russian companies that have switched to a hybrid work format. We are talking about checking e-mail and monitoring site visits, analysts at Vanson Bourne found out. HR leaders noted that this practice can complicate relationships in the team, but many companies … Read more