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The Russian team won the largest, and even anniversary, Dota 2 tournament. They took not only the Aegis of Champions – the main prize of The International, but also $ 18.2 million. Why the victory of cybersportsmen from the CIS is sensational, how the tournament was held and what the guys are planning to spend their money on, read the material of Izvestia.

Historical jackpot

The Russian e-sports team Team Spirit won the main international Dota 2 tournament The International (TI), and the anniversary… The broadcast of the final day of the competition, which took place in Romania from October 7 to 17, gathered half a million users on YouTube, about 1.5 million viewers on the gaming streaming service Twitch.

The eSports tournament has already set a record: it has the largest prize pool in the history of games – $ 40 million, that is, over 2.8 billion rubles. Valve (the developer of Dota 2 and the organizer of the tournament) put it together thanks to in-game purchases of players in Dota 2: on the eve of TI10, a special Battle Pass catalog was added there.

So, in addition to the honorary title of champions, Russian cybersportsmen earned $ 18.2 million (almost 1.3 billion rubles). Team Spirit is the second CIS team to win The International in its entire history. At the first tournament, 10 years ago, the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere won gold. For the past eight years, teams from the post-Soviet space did not even reach the grand final.

Purely statistically, the Chinese team PSG.LGD, who lost only two cards in the tournament, had much more chances to win this year. But in the grand final, she lost to the Russians with a score of 3: 2.

Sacrifice to the god of Dota

Team Spirit consists of five people. The team includes Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naydenov, Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Hertek, Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov (all three from Russia), Ilya “Yatoro” Mulyachuk and Miroslav “Mira” Kolpakov (Ukraine).

Quote Author

Mulychuk shaved off his bright hair at TI, stating that he “dedicated his hair to the god of Dota to win four cards.” It is possible that the “sacrifice” helped him not only to win, but also to set an individual record, killing five characters in a row in a short time.

At TI10, the guys were selected through the regional qualifiers, having failed to collect enough for a season to get directly into the tournament… The group stage did not go smoothly, but in the lower bracket Team Spirit won, among other two-time champions of the main Dota 2 tournament and rivals from Russia (along with Team Spirit, they were the only teams from the CIS in the tournament), who eventually remained on 5th-6th place.

It is noteworthy that it was the former owner of the Russian e-sports team Virtus.Pro, Anton Cherepennikov, who made a bet on the opponents of the ex-wards – literally – and won over 44 million rubles.

Fateful phenomenon

Esports commentator Vladimir “Maelstorm” Kuzminov says that no one believed in the victory of Team Spirit. In a “good performance” – yes, but definitely not in a victory, given that the team fought its way through the lower part of the tournament bracket.

– Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real. I don’t know what the guys feel, but even I can’t believe that Team Spirit became champions, ” Kuzminov admits in an interview with MIC “News”… He emphasizes that closer to the final and in the decisive battle, they demonstrated “a phenomenal level of play.”

Cybersportsman Anatoly Yashin agrees that the victory of the Russian team was unexpected. It will push other players to accomplishments, he is sure. However, already now Russian gamers occupy worthy positions in tournaments, for example, in CS: GO, the source adds.

– Our esportsmen are the strongest! We are proud that many of them started their way in the tournaments of the Russian Federation of Computer Sports, ”the FCC said. They are sure that thanks to the success of Team Spirit, computer sports in Russia is reaching a completely new level.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that the success of Team Spirit – the new world leader in esports – confirms the interest in competitive gaming, including from sponsors.

– The victory of Russian players in such a large-scale international tournament once again focuses the attention of our society to sports that combine two most important components of modern life: sports and digital technologies, – said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Cat’s house

Team captain Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naydenov – the only member of Team Spirit who had experience of playing at The International before the fateful tournament-2021 – sees two reasons for success: firstly, a strong manager Dmitry Belov, thanks to whom the team has gathered in the current composition, and secondly, hard work.

“I don’t know, I don’t know at all what to say. We’ll probably think about the future later, – says Naydenov in an interview with – Perhaps someone will even end a career – here you can’t be sure. We won such a big sum: do we even need to play Dota after that?

The champions have so far been in no rush to announce whether they will continue their esports careers. But they are already considering how they will spend the money they have earned. Malyarchuk said that he would buy “a house for a cat and, possibly, a manor.” Alexander Hertek will fulfill his promise to his 11-year-old sister before the tournament: “If we win, I will buy you an apartment in the center of Moscow.” But Magomed Khalilov was confused, admitting that he did not need anything.

Medvedev is eliminated in the fourth round of the Indian Wells tournament

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev lost to Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in the fourth round of the tournament in Indian Wells (USA), according to Sport-Express.

The meeting took place on October 13 and ended in three sets with a score of 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6. At the same time, Medvedev was leading in the second set with a break (6: 4, 4: 1), after which he twice gave his own serve.

The duration of the match was two hours and 16 minutes. During this time, the Russian has filed right through five times, made six double faults and converted five break points out of seven.

Dimitrov, who is the 28th racket in the world, made one ace, made a mistake four times on the second serve and took the opponent’s serve six times out of ten such chances.

At the Indian Wells tournament, there were no Russians left in the men’s singles draw. Earlier that day, at the stage of the fourth round, Karen Khachanov lost to Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili. Prior to that, Aslan Karatsev lost in the 1/8 finals, and Andrei Rublev flew out in the 1/16 finals.

Daniil Medvedev has been in second place in the rating of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) since May. Next week, he is expected to perform at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow (October 18-24).

Tennis player Rublev could not reach the final of the tournament in San Diego

Russian tennis player Andrei Rublev lost to Briton Cameron Norrie in the semifinals of the tournament in San Diego (USA).

The meeting lasted 1 hour 59 minutes and ended with a score of 6: 3, 3: 6, 4: 6 in favor of the 28th racket of the world, Norrie, writes “Sport-Express”.

For the entire game, Rublev, who is now on the fifth line of the world ranking, made 13 aces, made four double mistakes, and also realized two break points out of 10.

The British tennis player, in turn, served eight times through, made a mistake five times on the second serve and twice took the opponent’s serve with four such opportunities.

For the trophy of the tournament in San Diego, Norrie will clash with the winner of the match Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria) – Kasper Ruud (Norway).

On October 1, at the quarterfinal stage, Rublev beat Argentine Diego Schwarzman with a score of 6: 1, 7: 5.

On the same day, Russian tennis player Aslan Karatsev failed to make it to the semifinals of the competition, losing to Bulgarian Dimitrov.

Came to the federal: what is the Top Dog FC X tournament remembered for | Articles

The Top Dog FC X bare-fist fighting tournament has finished in Moscow. REN TV showed bright confrontations live. In the main duel of the evening, the infamous Russian fighter Vyacheslav Datsik defeated the Englishman Randy Rendine. Datsik knocked down Rendine, the fighter was ready to continue the fight, but the opposing team threw away the white towel. Among other events of the evening, it is worth noting the victory of Valery Zabotin over “Kazakhstani Bruce Lee” – Adilzhan Sandibekov, and experience in kickboxing fights allowed Naim “Samurai” Davudov to technically outplay a stronger rival in the person of Rustam “Asteroid” Mukhitdinov.

Special surroundings

The tournament was held in Moscow, in the picturesque Krylya Sovetov sports palace on Leningradsky Prospekt. The Top Dog promotion has settled there for a long time. The atmosphere at the tournaments is special – the participants fight in a circle lined with hay. Behind the hay – a crowd of spectators, Danila Aleev, who is also a Rugby player, is in charge of the process. “Only!” Aleev shouts into the microphone. “Top Dog !!!” – the audience responds in chorus. It seems that Top Dog is not just a fistfight league, but some kind of cult. That makes it more interesting.

Trash talk and fights outside the circle are not welcome at Top Dog. The press conferences at which scandals are usually fueled in pop MMA promotions are no longer there. Top Dog is the opposite of its rival Hardcore FC. And the competition between the leagues is fierce. Hardcore records several episodes per day, and then publishes them one by one on Youtube. Top Dog has recently started broadcasting its tournaments live, and on Friday made its debut on federal television – on REN TV. The channel shows four main card fights, led by a duel between Datsik and Randyne.

Vyacheslav Datsik fought his fourth fight this year: in February he knocked out Tyson Dijon, in June he beat Dijon on points in a rematch, in August he again won by decision – against Daniyal “T-34” Elbaev, a very prominent personality in pop MMA. Moreover, in a duel with Elbaev, Slava was considered an underdog, but in the end he took all three rounds, showing very aggressive boxing. Yes, all three fights of Datsik were according to the rules of boxing – Red Tarzan on a contract with the Russian Boxing Federation.

In Top Dog, Datsik fought according to the rules of fist fights, but wearing MMA gloves. He was given a rival, poorly known to the Russian public, but very dangerous – the black Briton Randy Randine, nicknamed Kofi King.

Red-haired Tarzan had just started the training process after the fight with Elbaev – before that he was busy with family affairs: his wife Victoria gave birth to a daughter. In August, Slava weighed 120 kg, and before the fight with Randyne showed 130 kg. The Briton won five out of five fist fights, and he looks quite athletic. However, it is difficult to call him a professional fighter. If you google, you can find a profile on, which states that he is a financial advisor. However, Kofi King’s Instagram photos are all about sports.

The next one is Emelianenko?

Datsik entered the hall in the image of a medieval war. The fight began very bravely, immediately rushing into the attack. Randyne was stunned by the onslaught. Red-haired Tarzan – sort of, rash-trained – turned on his “collective farms” (as he calls sweeping blows) to the fullest. It all ended with the British squatting down – so that the referee interrupted Vyacheslav’s infernal attack. The fight continued, Datsik probed the opponent with a jab, then thrust a powerful right straight into the jaw, and then rushed to finish off. The referee interrupted the fight again, and a couple of seconds later Randyne’s corners threw a towel into the circle. Datsik’s brutal victory!

There were rumors that Datsik was detrained, in very bad shape, that he would have problems in this battle. Are they true? question to Datsik after the fight.

– After the battle with the T-34, I had a rest for two weeks. My beloved still gave free rein to me, I ate and gained weight. Well, now I’m not 118-120 kg, but 130. I left for Turkey to rest – there was no one to spar with. For two weeks I was in a rocking chair, took cans, and my breathing and speed dropped – I just hammered my muscles. Two weeks before the fight, in Nizhny Novgorod, I spread my arms so that speed appeared, and also restored my breathing and did various exercises on rubber. Every day we ran for 3-6 kilometers in the Shchelkovo park.

Went out to fight angry?

– Yes, they shook me, damn it! They saw and saw me … They say that he [Рэндайн] in England he knocked out everyone – “don’t let me through”, “don’t take on the colgan”, “don’t need to catch blows”, and this is my favorite topic. He’s supposedly a superknocker there. They scared, scared me – hesitated, in short. And as a result, his fists are made of crumb. But we have such crumbs that you can kill. And this one is soft.

Vladimir Khryunov said that you and him are “hammering the arrow” to Alexander Emelianenko. Is this true, and how much does Khryunov represent your interests in general?

– Yes, the question is not in Vladimir, but in Sasha. Ready or not. He already had to go through a medical examination and sign a contract. He had already come to the federation, but Sasha, as always, did not pass the medical commission, he did not sign the contract. We just talked, discussed, his manager agreed. But while Sasha is gaining shape, preparing, and when he is ready, he will come out against me. I think the manager Emelianenko understands that he is not in the right condition to play him against me. Maybe this year, or at the beginning of the next, our fight will take place.

– In what gloves would you fight with Emelianenko?

– Yes, in general, it makes no difference, even according to Burmese rules – only with Sasha it is possible. Bandages, glue, sea pebbles and more. And also a circle of burning stakes, as in antiquity. This is a good settlement of our dispute, a conflict that has been going on since 2009.

Is the current Vyacheslav Datsik stronger than the one in the early 2000s?

– Well, I spent 13 years in prison – this is moral hardening. In his youth, he was healthy – he breathed kerosene, now it is necessary to restore it. Then he could run and train for days. Or stay awake for a week, and then go out to a fight with a temperature of 39, have a “eight” in the evening (I mean the “eight” tournament – 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals and the final – Izvestia). This is problematic now. Although now I also went out to battle with a temperature of 37 kopecks – on the drum.

Pavel Shulsky fought in front of you. Is he interesting to you as a rival?

– Why should we fight with our own? We must beat the enemies.

And Alexander Emelianenko, it turns out …

– This is the enemy. We have a personal showdown.

Datsik defeated Kofi King in Top Dog tournament

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