German diplomat Ischinger believes it is too late to stop Nord Stream 2

The head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, considers Nord Stream 2 to be Germany’s problem not only in relations with Ukraine or the European Parliament, but also as a “transatlantic problem”. In his opinion, it is too late to stop the gas pipeline. “Yes, but now it is too late for that,” Mr. … Read more

Naftogaz considers Germany’s decision on Nord Stream 2 a “mockery”

The head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, considers the decision of the Federal Grid Agency of Germany to allow the operator Nord Stream 2 AG to create a German subsidiary to complete the certification of Nord Stream 2 as a “mockery”. The certification procedure was suspended in mid-November, as the regulator demanded to … Read more

Nord Stream 2 may leave the United States without a defense budget

Fierce disputes on Capitol Hill between opponents and Nord Stream 2 lobbyists could leave the United States without a defense budget for next year. One of his amendments concerns the sanctions on the gas pipeline, which lawmakers cannot agree on in any way, Axios portal writes on December 3. “The big picture is that President … Read more

“Thank you” did not fit in your pocket // The path of bonuses from Sberbank to its customers turned out to be a long one

On the Internet, there were massive complaints about Sberbank, which does not list “Thank you” bonuses to its customers. The problems began in November and, according to customer reviews, continue to this day. The technical failure, as experts call it, coincided with the season of sales, the so-called Black Friday, which in Russia stretches over … Read more

Axios has published a diplomatic document from Germany with arguments for the waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The German Embassy in Washington has sent a memorandum to members of the US Congress, in which it warns the US parliament against adopting new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Axios website reports citing the document. The memo argues that sanctions against a US ally will only be a victory for Russian President … Read more