The court banned the sale of smartphones with the Samsung Pay service in Russia

The Moscow Arbitration Court banned Samsung Electronics from importing, selling and storing 61 models of the company’s smartphones to Russia due to the use of the Samsung Pay payment service. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the operative part of the additional court decision on the claim of the Swiss Sqwin SA. The claim was filed by the Swiss Sqwin SA. The company believes that the payment service infringes its rights to the invention of the Electronic Payment System, which is protected by a Russian patent. The use of the products was banned back in July, but no specific models were specified. In August, the plaintiff petitioned for the court to clarify the requirements, and the order was issued on October 19. It contains a closed list of models “intended for the use of the Samsung Rau payment service, during the operation (operation) of which, in accordance with their purpose, the patented method is automatically carried out.” It includes 61 models, including Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold. In August, a division of the company….

The IMF called the policy of Russia during the pandemic correct

The policy of the Russian authorities during the pandemic made it possible to avoid recessions and ensure a quick economic recovery, said the head of the European department of the International Monetary Fund Alfred Kammer. He noted that for further growth, Russia needs to focus on structural reforms of the economy. “Russia faced a relatively small recession in 2020, and recovered very strongly in 2021. Also, Russia used the right mix of measures during the crisis, which supported the recovery. Fiscal policy supported (growth), as did monetary policy, which led to the strong recovery that is now taking place, “said Mr. Kammer (quoted by RIA Novosti). At the same time, according to him, now it is important for Russia to focus on structural reforms of the economy in order to increase productivity and increase growth, and this will remain in the future the main Achilles’ heel of the Russian economy. ”Previously, the IMF raised its estimate of the growth of the Russian economy in 2021 from 4.4 % expected….

Annual inflation in Russia reached 7.8%

The weekly increase in inflation in Russia from October 12 to 18 increased from 0.22% to 0.26%. Annual inflation was 7.8%. The last time it exceeded 7.7% in February 2016 (8.1%). This is evidenced by Rosstat data. Thus, inflation has already surpassed the Central Bank’s forecast for the entire 2021, which ranged from 5.7% to 6.2%. Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices have increased by 5.98%. For the week from 12 to 18 October, prices for chicken eggs increased by 2.8%, buckwheat – by 1.0%. Prices for chicken meat in the country on average increased by 1.5%. Vegetables and fruits also increased significantly – by only 2.3%. A noticeable increase is observed in prices for cucumbers – 14.3%, for tomatoes – 9.9%, for potatoes – 3.6%. Apples, onions and carrots fell in price. Among non-food products, domestic cars rose in price over the week – by 1.1%, shampoos – by 0.8%. The Kremlin explained the rise in inflation forecast “trends in international markets.” Today Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop a set of measures to support manufacturers….

Putin assessed the impact of the situation in the global energy market on Russia

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