French champagne makers expect record sales in 2021

Jean-Marie Barillier, co-president of the French Champagne Committee and head of the Champagne Producers Union, said on Friday that in 2021 sales of this wine amounted to 315 million bottles, and in monetary terms – € 5.5 billion. This is a record amount – the previous record in € 5 billion was delivered in 2019. … Read more

The trading volume of the SPB exchange in November grew to a record $ 41 billion

At the end of November this year, the trading volume on the St. Petersburg Exchange amounted to a record $ 40.93 billion. This is 32.52% more than October ($ 30.88 billion) and 62.33% more than in November last year ($ 25.21 billion). For 11 months of 2021, the trading volume amounted to $ 363.85 billion, … Read more

A new type of food is looking for investors // Record growth in food prices requires a techno-revolution in their production

World food prices continue to grow under the influence of strong demand, it follows from the data of the UN FAO, for the year their index increased by 27.3% and reached its maximum value since 2011. Since de facto the previous cycle of modernization of agricultural production in key markets has already been practically completed, … Read more

VTB has estimated the issuance of mortgages by Russian banks at a record 5 trillion rubles.

The volume of mortgage lending in Russia has updated a historical record. According to VTB’s estimates, sales volume exceeded RUB 5 trillion by December. and by the end of the year it may amount to 5.5 trillion rubles. “This year on the mortgage market in Russia is a historic one. Even before December, sales exceeded … Read more

October became a record month in Moscow in terms of IP growth

In October, a record was set in Moscow for the increase in the number of new individual entrepreneurs (IE), said Vladimir Efimov, deputy mayor of the capital for economic policy and property and land relations. More than 7.8 thousand people have obtained this status. “October has become a record month in terms of the increase … Read more