Coffee prices hit a ten-year high

Due to the problems of the global supply chain, worsening weather conditions and the uncertainty of the situation in the regions of coffee production, prices for this product have skyrocketed to the highest levels in the last ten years. At the same time, according to CNBC, analysts expect that the difficult situation in the global … Read more

Eurozone inflation hits record 4.9%

According to preliminary data from Eurostat, inflation in the euro area reached 4.9% on an annualized basis in November. This is a record level since the introduction of the single European currency. In October, inflation in the euro area was 4.1%. Inflation continues to rise largely due to energy prices: in November they rose by … Read more

The number of Russian credit cards reached a record 44.3 million

The Russians have 44.3 million credit cards active, which increased by almost a million in October, the Equifax credit bureau reported. According to the company, this is a record number of credit cards in the hands of Russians. The general director of Equifax, Oleg Lagutkin, attributed this to the fact that banks “tie” more and … Read more

Inflation in Germany in November reaches a record 5.2% since 1992

Consumer inflation in Germany in November accelerated to 5.2% – such preliminary data was published by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany on Monday. This is a record annual inflation since 1992, when prices rose by 5.8%. In comparison with October, prices rose by 0.2%. This inflation did not come as a surprise – earlier … Read more

Apples, stars and castles // How the most expensive brands in the world changed visually

45 years ago, the Microsoft trademark was registered in the United States. Since then, its visual representation has changed five times, and the estimated value has reached $ 210 billion. Here is a selection of the logos of the most expensive brands at the time of launch and how they have changed over time. …