Forbes Gathers Tips // Magazine Hired External Consultants to Increase Business Value

As it became known to Kommersant, Forbes magazine changed part of the management team and attracted Maxim Tadevosyan and Rafael Abrahamyan, who came from Rambler & Co as consultants. Their bureau, RAMT, has pledged to increase the value of the publication’s business by the end of 2023 by launching new products. A number of Kommersant’s … Read more

“We are already back in the USSR with one foot” // Boris Titov on the paradoxes of the Russian attitude towards businessmen, their distrust of law enforcement officers and why he was lucky with “Abrau-Dyurso”

– Our cycle is called “30 years without the USSR”. Can you remember where the end of the Soviet Union caught you, what you dreamed of, what did you think was waiting for you ahead? – On the square in front of the White House, when Yeltsin spoke. Then I realized that the USSR was … Read more

The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not plan new agreements on curbing food prices

Deputy Industry and Trade of Russia Viktor Evtukhov commented on the possibility of new agreements with retailers and manufacturers to curb food prices. According to him, while the chains are very responsible in their pricing policy – the margins are minimal. “We believe that the work with food manufacturers is quite effective now, the Networks … Read more

Meat turns green // Growing demand for herbal counterparts

The market for herbal analogues of dairy and meat products in Russia is growing noticeably. According to NielsenIQ estimates, over the year, sales of these categories increased by 19% in volume and by 18% in money, and the growth in prices for animal products could provide additional support to the market. …

A new type of food is looking for investors // Record growth in food prices requires a techno-revolution in their production

World food prices continue to grow under the influence of strong demand, it follows from the data of the UN FAO, for the year their index increased by 27.3% and reached its maximum value since 2011. Since de facto the previous cycle of modernization of agricultural production in key markets has already been practically completed, … Read more