Industrial Growth Limits the Deficit of Human Resources and Investments // Market Research

The Gaidar Institute’s November Industry Survey Newsletter published the results of a quarterly study of sector growth constraints in 2021. According to enterprises, the main constraint on output growth in 2021 was and remains insufficient domestic demand, but its constraining influence has decreased from 54% to 46% of mentions. In 2020, the growth of the … Read more

Startups will be supported by the budgetary ruble // The Ministry of Economy has prepared the rules for issuing grants for “growing up”

More than a hundred technology companies in the next three years can receive grants of up to 250 million rubles. to refine their products to meet the requirements of large corporation customers. The money will go to projects that use technologies that officials have identified as 12 priority ones – such as artificial intelligence, 5G … Read more

Small business will be mitigated administrative responsibility

To reduce the administrative burden on small businesses, the Ministry of Economy, together with the SME Corporation, prepared a draft amendment to the current Administrative Code. “The amendments are aimed at liberalizing the rules for bringing SMEs and SONPOs to administrative responsibility, which business has been talking about for a long time and which requires … Read more

Russian Railways will receive 140 billion rubles of promises // The Government has prepared an act on the allocation of subsidies in 2025–2026

The government did not abandon the idea of ​​allocating a subsidy of 140 billion rubles to Russian Railways. in 2025–2026 – the corresponding draft resolution was published. By allocating funds for operating activities in the future, the government replenishes the company’s EBITDA and the debt ratio with it already in the present, which will allow … Read more

Young people will find something to do // The Ministry of Labor has come up with 31 ways to attract new workers to the labor market

The Ministry of Labor has prepared a program to promote youth employment until 2030, focused on Russians under the age of 29. It is proposed to support this employment by conducting career guidance events, organizing work practices and allocating subsidies for employment – a total of 31 events are proposed to be launched to facilitate … Read more