A new type of food is looking for investors // Record growth in food prices requires a techno-revolution in their production

World food prices continue to grow under the influence of strong demand, it follows from the data of the UN FAO, for the year their index increased by 27.3% and reached its maximum value since 2011. Since de facto the previous cycle of modernization of agricultural production in key markets has already been practically completed, … Read more

A prisoner escaped from a Samara maximum security colony

A prisoner escaped from a strict regime colony in the Upravlenchesky village of Samara, who was serving a sentence under the article on theft or extortion of firearms, ammunition or explosives. This was reported on December 2 by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Samara region. “On 02.12.2021 convict … Read more

Housing grows in meters and rubles // Construction monitoring

In October, the pace of housing construction continued to grow – according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in a month in Russia was put into operation 9.8 million square meters. m, which is exactly one third (33.3%) more than a year earlier. However, after the maximum this year in September (10.4 million sq. M.), … Read more

Coffee prices hit a ten-year high

Due to the problems of the global supply chain, worsening weather conditions and the uncertainty of the situation in the regions of coffee production, prices for this product have skyrocketed to the highest levels in the last ten years. At the same time, according to CNBC, analysts expect that the difficult situation in the global … Read more