In Russia, the issuance of consumer loans decreased by almost 7% over the month

In September 2021, banks issued 1.17 million consumer loans for 362.6 billion rubles. This is almost 7% less than it was in August, according to the credit bureau Equifax. “The main reasons are two: the increase in the key rate, which led to an increase in nominal consumer lending rates, and the tightening of regulatory rhetoric in the market aimed at limiting issuing unsecured loans, “- said the head of the bureau Oleg Lagutkin (quoted by TASS). Earlier, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the regulator wants to impose a direct restriction on the issuance of consumer loans for banks. According to her, the Bank of Russia cannot “turn a blind eye to how quickly demand is growing now.” This accelerates inflation, and also worries the regulator in terms of social and financial stability. It is assumed that the limit will be revised every three months. About new levers of pressure on banks – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Consumer credits are brought to the limits.” …

TUI to issue € 1.1bn in shares to deal with debt

German tour operator TUI Group said Wednesday it will issue additional shares in hopes of raising € 1.1bn to deal with current debts compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and will offer 523.5m new shares by subscription at a price per share € 2.15. Shareholders will receive 10 new shares by subscription for each 21 of the shares they hold. The operator’s largest shareholder, the Mordashov family, has already agreed to take advantage of the offer. The tour operator, whose business collapsed during the COVID-19 pandemic, was rescued by the German government by receiving loans of more than € 4 billion. , but the operator continues to work at a loss. Moreover, according to the results of the third quarter, the company’s net loss increased to € 748 million compared to € 578 million in the second quarter. Kirill Sarkhanyants.

The issue of membership of the Western Balkans in the EU again bypassed

European experts and politicians believe that in the coming years the European Union (EU) will not accept the states of the Western Balkans into its ranks. Integration is hampered by slow reforms in these countries. So, at the summit “European Union – Western Balkans” Brussels promised the region 30 billion, but did not say anything about the timing of their entry into the union. However, the candidates already know that EU membership will not come soon, and therefore remained satisfied with the results of the summit.

The main purpose of the meeting was another confirmation of the European vector of the Balkan countries. The key result was the provision of financial guarantees to the region for green and digital projects. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also said that the commission will do everything possible to accelerate the integration of the Western Balkans, because the main task facing it is the enlargement of the EU. The final declaration dealt with economic integration, the fight against migration and crime and the synchronization of the foreign policy of the Western Balkans with the EU.

In total, the region includes six countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. All of them, in words, Brussels is waiting for in the EU. This was announced back in 2003. 18 years have passed since then, but none of these countries has become a member of the EU. Previously, an approximate date was called – 2025, but everyone understands that by this time no reforms will have time to bear fruit.

Russia, in turn, has nothing against the European integration of these countries, but fears that in the end they will be involved in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). However, Moscow is not doing anything on this issue, proceeding from the fact that in the coming years the Western Balkans will not find themselves in the EU.

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“Tinkoff” found a place on the marketplace // Bank will issue loans to online sellers

Large banks are interested in lending to sellers. Following Qiwi and Tochka, Tinkoff, which ranks 15th in terms of assets, starts working in the segment. So far, the bank plans to lend only to sellers working at Yandex.Market. However, experts emphasize the risks of the segment and the likelihood of a rapid increase in the volume of overdue debt, warning that creditors will pledge them to various additional commissions. …

Sberbank began to issue consumer loans at ATMs

Sberbank’s customers will be able to apply for and receive a consumer loan without collateral at ATMs, the bank’s press service reports. Clients of salary projects can take out a loan in the amount of 30 thousand to 5 million rubles, all the rest – from 30 thousand to 3 million rubles. The service is available on ATMs with a touch screen. To apply for a loan, you need to log in with the card, indicate the required amount and term of the loan, check the correctness of the passport data, address, indicate the phone number and familiarize yourself with the preconditions for the loan. The term for making a decision on the application is about two minutes. If the decision is positive, the bank will issue a loan within 30 days. You can also get money on a card or in cash through an ATM. “The ability to get a loan through an ATM is especially convenient for those who live far from our offices or are not an active user of gadgets. We also see good prospects for this product for residents of rural areas and small towns, ”said the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board….