European startups have attracted record volume of venture capital investments

According to the annual State of European Tech Report by the Atomico venture fund, European startups raised a record $ 121 billion in venture capital in 2021. This is more than in 2019 and 2020 combined ($ 81 billion), and ten times more volume raised in 2015, when the first such report was released. This … Read more

Industrial Growth Limits the Deficit of Human Resources and Investments // Market Research

The Gaidar Institute’s November Industry Survey Newsletter published the results of a quarterly study of sector growth constraints in 2021. According to enterprises, the main constraint on output growth in 2021 was and remains insufficient domestic demand, but its constraining influence has decreased from 54% to 46% of mentions. In 2020, the growth of the … Read more

Trump’s media company announced the attraction of $ 1 billion in investments

Specialist Digital World Acquisition Corp., through which Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) intends to go public, has raised $ 1 billion in convertible preferred shares, TMTG announced. The company of former US President Donald Trump was founded in 2021, its main product announced is the social network TRUTH Social. Investor names have not been … Read more

Capital investments based on prosperity // General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupsheva – about what investments the economy needs

Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task of growing the country’s economy and restarting the investment cycle: the real growth of investment in fixed assets by 2024 should be at least 70% compared to 2020. Active work has been launched at the federal, regional and municipal levels, but what kind of investments will this … Read more