Kiriyenko commented on the results of the international prize “We are Together”

On Sunday, December 5, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko commented on the results of the international prize “We Are Together.” ‚ÄúThis is a story that is very characteristic of Russia. When trouble comes, we do not scatter in our burrows, each taking care of himself, … Read more

A new type of food is looking for investors // Record growth in food prices requires a techno-revolution in their production

World food prices continue to grow under the influence of strong demand, it follows from the data of the UN FAO, for the year their index increased by 27.3% and reached its maximum value since 2011. Since de facto the previous cycle of modernization of agricultural production in key markets has already been practically completed, … Read more

In Gucci’s Name // Etsy Marketplace Blocked For Copyright Infringement

Access to the large international marketplace Etsy is blocked in Russia. One of the site’s pages contains prohibited information: several sellers offer counterfeit goods under the Gucci brand. Due to the traffic encryption technology used by the site, Roskomnadzor could not limit itself to blocking only one page with prohibited content and restricted access to … Read more

Emission Challenge // Digital Dollar and Euro Can Win Competition Against Weaker Currencies

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) of developed countries pose a threat to the monetary independence of developing economies, where foreign money is allowed to circulate with a small money supply of its own currency – although usually weak currencies win competition for circulation, while hard currencies are used for savings. Sebastian Edwards, an economist at … Read more

Bugs in the right direction // Platforms for hiring “white hackers” can be created in Russia

Positive Technologies plans to launch in Russia an analogue of the international vulnerability search platform HackerOne. The service should become an intermediary between companies that want to test their information systems for security, and hackers, who will be rewarded for breaking them. Rostelecom also plans to develop a similar platform at the request of banks. … Read more