The State Duma adopted a law on indexing mother capital based on actual inflation

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law specifying the procedure for the annual review of the size of maternity capital. Now the capital is indexed according to the forecasted inflation. Now maternal capital will be indexed according to actual inflation. “The size of maternal (family) capital is revised annually from February 1 … Read more

For Whom the Turkish Lira Rings // The Turkish authorities’ refusal to tighten the monetary policy devalues ​​its currency

The Turkish lira exchange rate continued to weaken last week – it has almost halved against the US dollar since the beginning of the year. The main reason for the continuing pressure on the currency is the position of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who insists on cutting the interest rate, despite the acceleration of inflation … Read more

Apartments were rated for the holidays // Secondary housing becomes more expensive

The pre-New Year excitement contributed to the growth of average prices for secondary housing in local markets. High consumer demand is now supported by the desire to invest savings in real estate amid high inflation rates and the expectation of an increase in the cost of mortgage lending. But, not seeing fundamental reasons for a … Read more

VTB CEO does not expect double-digit inflation rate

VTB CEO Andrei Kostin believes that inflation in Russia may reach 8%, but this figure is unlikely to be expressed in double digits. The banker also warned that “miracles do not happen,” and interest rates on loans will rise. “If we get inflation around 8%, this could be a ceiling. I do not think that … Read more

Economic forecast for December 2021 // What will happen to the ruble, dollar and oil

December has begun, and Kommersant offers an economic forecast for the month. Experts answer questions about the dollar against the ruble, changes in world oil prices, inflation and the euro against the dollar. …