Apartments were rated for the holidays // Secondary housing becomes more expensive

The pre-New Year excitement contributed to the growth of average prices for secondary housing in local markets. High consumer demand is now supported by the desire to invest savings in real estate amid high inflation rates and the expectation of an increase in the cost of mortgage lending. But, not seeing fundamental reasons for a … Read more

High flood performance // Companies started to monitor remote employees more closely

Personnel monitoring systems are used or are planning to be implemented by 76% of Russian companies that have switched to a hybrid work format. We are talking about checking e-mail and monitoring site visits, analysts at Vanson Bourne found out. HR leaders noted that this practice can complicate relationships in the team, but many companies … Read more

Peskov: inflation is high, but government measures are helping to avoid sharp spikes

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said during a press call that the situation with rising prices in the country “is being amortized” thanks to measures taken by the government. “Well, there are no sharp surges, but inflation is high, this is constantly discussed. Government measures help to avoid surges, work is underway, … Read more

Decarbonization will zero surplus // WB warns of energy transition risks

The global economic recovery is slowing down, while growing inflation is forcing central banks to tighten credit conditions – this trend also applies to the Russian economy, the World Bank says in a new report on the Russian economy. In the short term, the surplus of the current account and budget will be supported by … Read more