Roskomnadzor sued two more protocols on Google and Facebook

Roskomnadzor handed over to the Tagansky District Court of Moscow two protocols against Facebook and Google in connection with their repeated failure to delete prohibited information, RBC reports. Under Part 5 of Art. 13.41 Administrative Code companies face turnover fines ranging from 1/20 to 1/10 of the annual turnover in Russia. According to Roskomnadzor, from … Read more

Honor sold everything // New models of the Chinese company took advantage of demand in Russia

The return of Honor smartphones with Google services to the Russian market after the restoration of relations with the company, severed due to US sanctions against Huawei, proved to be successful. In two weeks of sales, the company, according to analysts, sold the entire first batch and occupied 5.5% of the market. If Honor shipments … Read more

Fake payment is red // Facebook and Google have paid for spreading misinformation for years

In September, thanks to Francis Haugen, the whole world learned that Facebook had known for years about the gaps in its own content moderation policy, but did almost nothing about it. Now, the MIT Technology Review magazine has conducted its own investigation of the activities of Facebook. It follows that Mark Zuckerberg’s company, as well … Read more

Google and Telegram may collect 11.5 million rubles

Four cases have been initiated against Google and Telegram in Russia. With Google, in the framework of three cases, 8.5 million rubles can be recovered, with Telegram – 3 million rubles. Against Google and Telegram, new enforcement proceedings were instituted on the enforced collection of fines for a total of 11.5 million rubles. for refusing … Read more

TikTok paid all fines in Russia, Facebook and Google – in part

Since the beginning of the year, Russian courts have fined Meta (formerly Facebook), Google and Tiktok companies for failure to delete information banned in the country for 111.6 million rubles. At the same time, TikTok paid out all 4.1 million rubles. fines, Facebook paid eight fines totaling 26 million rubles, while Google paid off only … Read more