Federal Air Transport Agency investigates the incident with icing of the S7 aircraft

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko instructed to investigate the icing of the Airbus 320-271N aircraft of the Siberia Airlines. We are talking about a flight that flew on the Magadan-Novosibirsk route on December 2. “The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko instructed to investigate the circumstances and … Read more

Biden nominates Powell for a new term at the head of the Federal Reserve in the Senate

US President Joe Biden has sent Jerome Powell’s candidacy for the post of Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) to the Senate. Powell took over the Fed in 2018, and if confirmed, it will be his second term in a row. A letter to the Senate was published by the White House press office. … Read more

Startups will be supported by the budgetary ruble // The Ministry of Economy has prepared the rules for issuing grants for “growing up”

More than a hundred technology companies in the next three years can receive grants of up to 250 million rubles. to refine their products to meet the requirements of large corporation customers. The money will go to projects that use technologies that officials have identified as 12 priority ones – such as artificial intelligence, 5G … Read more

Capital investments based on prosperity // General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupsheva – about what investments the economy needs

Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task of growing the country’s economy and restarting the investment cycle: the real growth of investment in fixed assets by 2024 should be at least 70% compared to 2020. Active work has been launched at the federal, regional and municipal levels, but what kind of investments will this … Read more

Not quite a male state anymore // Women in the civil service in the Russian Federation rarely grow to the upper floors, but they are paid on an equal basis with men

Despite the record high share of women in public administration – over 70% – it is incorrect to talk about gender equality in the civil service in the Russian Federation. A study by the Center for Advanced Management Decisions (CPMD) of the federal civil service showed the practical absence of direct discrimination against women in … Read more