Illegal production of household chemicals has been eliminated in the Moscow region

The production of counterfeit motor oil and household chemicals under the brands of well-known manufacturers in Pushkin near Moscow was liquidated by employees of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the South-Western Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. This was announced on Thursday, October 21, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Media.

“The police found that for the production of counterfeit products, the attackers used the facilities of the plant located in the Pushkin city district of the Moscow region. The storage, packing and packaging of counterfeit products were carried out in office and warehouse premises, ”said Irina Volk, an official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

She added that the plant included a production line and a laboratory, where the original chemical composition of liquids was studied. During the searches, the police seized more than 300 samples and over 1,600 tons of finished products, bottling containers, rolls with labels. According to preliminary estimates, the damage to the copyright holders of trademarks may exceed 250 million rubles.

On the fact of the production of counterfeit, a criminal case was initiated under Part 4 of Art. 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Investigators establish channels for the sale of counterfeit goods and all participants in illegal activities. The department clarified that orders for the supply of counterfeits to the regions of Russia and neighboring countries were accepted from individuals and legal entities by employees of the call center in Saratov.

Earlier, on October 14, in the Moscow region, law enforcement officers stopped the activities of an underground workshop for the conversion of weapons, seized an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. The workshop was equipped in a rented garage on the territory of Krasnoznamensk by three malefactors. They replaced parts in deactivated weapons and converted them into combat ones for the purpose of selling.

Medvedev is eliminated in the fourth round of the Indian Wells tournament

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev lost to Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in the fourth round of the tournament in Indian Wells (USA), according to Sport-Express.

The meeting took place on October 13 and ended in three sets with a score of 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6. At the same time, Medvedev was leading in the second set with a break (6: 4, 4: 1), after which he twice gave his own serve.

The duration of the match was two hours and 16 minutes. During this time, the Russian has filed right through five times, made six double faults and converted five break points out of seven.

Dimitrov, who is the 28th racket in the world, made one ace, made a mistake four times on the second serve and took the opponent’s serve six times out of ten such chances.

At the Indian Wells tournament, there were no Russians left in the men’s singles draw. Earlier that day, at the stage of the fourth round, Karen Khachanov lost to Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili. Prior to that, Aslan Karatsev lost in the 1/8 finals, and Andrei Rublev flew out in the 1/16 finals.

Daniil Medvedev has been in second place in the rating of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) since May. Next week, he is expected to perform at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow (October 18-24).

FAS was late in the App Store // The service issued a warning to Apple for a violation after it was eliminated

The FAS demanded that Apple allow iOS app developers to inform their users about the opportunity to buy goods on their own website by the end of September. The American company takes a percentage of all payments inside the App Store and prohibits informing users that they can buy goods on the developer’s website for cheaper, the department notes. But on August 27, Apple changed the rules for the App Store amid litigation with Epic Games and allowed developers to inform app users about methods of paying for goods outside the store. …

The export of services exceeded their import for the first time // Monitoring of foreign trade

Analysts of the HSE Development Center, analyzing the data of the Central Bank, find in the latest issue of “Comments on the State and Business” that in June 2021 the balance of foreign trade in services first became positive and amounted to $ 0.1 billion – against a deficit of $ 0.7 billion in May. The value of exports of services amounted to $ 4.8 billion, imports – $ 4.6 billion. This is, respectively, 44% and 7% higher than in June 2020. With the adjusted seasonality, such exports (due to transport services) increased by 2% month-on-month – compensating for the decline in May. At the same time, the cost of imports decreased for the third month in a row: in June – by 13% (month on month).

In the structure of export of services, the share of business services (construction, IT services and others) in June fell to 46% – slowly moving to the figure of 30-40%, which was before the pandemic. Transport services account for a third of exports (37% a year ago). The share of travel in June increased to 5% (3% a year ago), while before the pandemic it reached 30%. In the structure of imports, the share of business services in June also remained high – 49% against less than 40% before the pandemic, the share of transport services did not change over the year (18%), and the share of foreign trips over the year, although it grew to 12%, but, like in exports, remained extremely low relative to the level of 2019 (41%).

The study authors cite data from UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), according to which the tourism sector will recover faster in countries with high vaccination rates (France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA). The cost of importing services in terms of foreign trips of Russian citizens in June 2021 amounted to $ 0.5 billion against $ 3.8 billion in June 2019. The cost of foreign tourism services in the Russian Federation (that is, exports) amounted to $ 0.2 billion against $ 1.6 billion in June 2019. According to UNCTAD estimates, the decline in international tourism reduces Russia’s real GDP by about 1.5% and leads to losses in related sectors – which is partially offset by fiscal incentives and the development of domestic tourism.

The HSE Development Center estimated the net deferred demand for travel (the difference between imports and exports) at $ 27 billion, and the total volume of services not sold during the pandemic (deficit) at $ 34 billion. “In this regard, the pressure on the ruble from the demand for currency in terms of international services, it will most likely be necessary next year, ”they conclude there.

Alexey Shapovalov