Industrial Growth Limits the Deficit of Human Resources and Investments // Market Research

The Gaidar Institute’s November Industry Survey Newsletter published the results of a quarterly study of sector growth constraints in 2021. According to enterprises, the main constraint on output growth in 2021 was and remains insufficient domestic demand, but its constraining influence has decreased from 54% to 46% of mentions. In 2020, the growth of the … Read more

The trailers started to move // ​​Operators began to actively buy up the park

Against the backdrop of growing demand, railway operators and shippers increased their fleet purchases, according to the Infoline Rail Russia Top rating. In January-September, 44,000 railcars were purchased, and more than a third of orders were for fitting platforms amid growing interest from operators in the container segment. In general, the operating market is dominated … Read more

Russian Railways will receive 140 billion rubles of promises // The Government has prepared an act on the allocation of subsidies in 2025–2026

The government did not abandon the idea of ​​allocating a subsidy of 140 billion rubles to Russian Railways. in 2025–2026 – the corresponding draft resolution was published. By allocating funds for operating activities in the future, the government replenishes the company’s EBITDA and the debt ratio with it already in the present, which will allow … Read more

Tverskaya street turned out to be in price // Moscow district became the leader in prices for elite new buildings

Against the background of high demand and a shortage of supply of elite new buildings in Moscow, the Tverskaya Street area has become the leader in terms of the average cost of housing. In this location, the average cost of apartments on the primary market approached 2 million rubles. for 1 sq. m. At the … Read more

Russia offers Mongolia to cover the energy deficit in exchange for refusing to build a hydroelectric power station

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko called the issue of construction of hydroelectric power stations in Mongolia on the rivers flowing into Lake Baikal “very sensitive”. The Russian authorities are proposing to cover the country’s energy deficit. Ms Abramchenko did not specify on what conditions Russia is ready to provide its capacities. “For the Russian Federation, … Read more