The Cuban authorities approved the issuance of consumer loans for the population

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In Russia, the issuance of consumer loans decreased by almost 7% over the month

In September 2021, banks issued 1.17 million consumer loans for 362.6 billion rubles. This is almost 7% less than it was in August, according to the credit bureau Equifax. “The main reasons are two: the increase in the key rate, which led to an increase in nominal consumer lending rates, and the tightening of regulatory rhetoric in the market aimed at limiting issuing unsecured loans, “- said the head of the bureau Oleg Lagutkin (quoted by TASS). Earlier, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the regulator wants to impose a direct restriction on the issuance of consumer loans for banks. According to her, the Bank of Russia cannot “turn a blind eye to how quickly demand is growing now.” This accelerates inflation, and also worries the regulator in terms of social and financial stability. It is assumed that the limit will be revised every three months. About new levers of pressure on banks – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Consumer credits are brought to the limits.” …

Hypermarkets shredded // Auchan and Metro left the top ten retailers

The change in consumer preferences influenced the rating of the largest retailers in Russia. At the end of the first half of 2021, the main hypermarket chains Auchan and Metro left the top ten players in terms of revenue, and their places were taken by the Ozon marketplace and the hard discounter Svetofor. Hypermarkets continue to lose traffic in favor of other formats, experts say. But Auchan and Metro are optimistic about business development. …

Private demand did not grow // Citizens lost post-crisis consumption activity

A new portion of Rosstat data indicates that the slowdown in real wages growth continued in August, and consumption growth actually stopped, despite budget payments to families with children. Whether the September payments to pensioners and the military will keep the dynamics of consumer spending in positive territory in the face of rising inflation, analysts do not undertake to predict with confidence. Along with the damping of private demand, the dynamics of GDP is also deteriorating, which has not yet received other sustainable sources of growth. …

Ecosystem Shopping // Citizens Spend More on Platforms

About 10% of the volume of spending by citizens falls on goods and services of ecosystems, calculated in the company “Network of Partnerships”. The growth of ecosystem penetration into the consumer market was facilitated by the consolidation of assets by Sberbank and Group last year, analysts believe. Others consider the Partnership Network’s estimates to be somewhat overestimated, but agree that the share of ecosystems is growing. …