The expansion of BAM hung on the branch // The government is awaiting the decision of Elgaugol on the construction of the Elga-Chumikan line

Russian Railways is ready to increase the carrying capacity of BAM by 17 million tons for the export of coal from Yakutia for the future volumes of the Elga deposit, which can be used for an investment tariff or under a ship-or-pay agreement. If “Elgaugol” needs more carrying capacity, then, according to the government, it … Read more

“Alpha” enters a taxi station // The structure of the group is preparing to buy out a land plot for a business center

Mikhail Fridman’s Alfa Group is seeking control over a land plot next to Sber’s headquarters in southwestern Moscow. Here, on the site of a former taxi company, an investment fund managed by the group plans to build a business center by 2025 in partnership with Stone Hedge. The new office complex will be built for … Read more

The base of housing and communal services received an update // Informsystem will be “cleaned” and supplemented with data of citizens

The Ministry of Construction for the modernization of the state information system (GIS) of housing and communal services proposes to slightly revise its content. It is planned to reduce the duplication of information through greater integration with other databases and registries, while supplementing the system with new sets of data. In particular, in the GIS, … Read more

Home Alone McAllister’s Home Listed For Rent On Airbnb

Airbnb now offers the opportunity to book a one-night stand for the McAllister family mansion from the iconic Home Alone movies. The house in which the franchise was filmed with Macaulay Culkin in the title role is located in the suburbs of Chicago, it has four guest rooms and two bedrooms. The announcement was placed … Read more

Persons with double responsibility // How much can you ask from the managers and owners of bankrupts

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (VS) will consider the issue of whether it is possible to twice demand the debt of a bankrupt company from its head or owner as a guarantor for a corporate loan and as a subsidiary liability. This is the first time that such a dispute has been submitted … Read more