The Central Bank proposed to introduce a mandatory amount of refund to victims of fraudsters

The Bank of Russia wants to amend the mandatory amount of money back to victims of fraudulent banks. The methodology for calculating this amount is still unknown. It will be calculated “based on the targeted return of funds to citizens on average in 80-90% of all cases of social engineering.” Representatives of Rosbank and Alfa-Bank … Read more

The Post Bank Supervisory Board approved the appointment of Alexander Pakhomov as the head of the bank

The Supervisory Board of Pochta Bank approved the candidacy of Alexander Pakhomov for the post of President and Chairman of the Board of the Bank. He will take up his new position after the approval of his candidacy by the Bank of Russia. So far, the head of Pochta Bank is Dmitry Rudenko. Pochta Bank … Read more

The Central Bank opposed the provision of services for operations with cryptoassets

The central bank said that the provision of services for operations with cryptocurrency carries some big risks and does not meet the interests of investors. This is stated in the materials of the Central Bank following the meeting with market participants on the development of the domestic securities market. “According to the Bank of Russia, … Read more

The Central Bank revoked the license from ASKO-Insurance

The Bank of Russia has revoked the insurance license from PJSC ASKO-Strakhovanie. It is stated in the order (.pdf) of the regulator. Another order appointed a temporary administration to the company. “To revoke licenses dated July 18, 2018 SI No. 2243 for voluntary property insurance, dated July 18, 2018 SL No. 2243 for voluntary personal … Read more

“Completion of problem objects cannot be marginal” // Dmitry Dubenetsky, Vice President of Dom.RF Bank

Dmitry Dubenetsky, vice president of Dom.RF bank, told Kommersant about the difficulties in dealing with problem developers and the continuing financial illiteracy of equity holders in an interview with Kommersant. …