Apple sues FAS over in-app purchases warning

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS). We are talking about the recognition of non-normative legal acts as invalid, follows from the file of cases of the Moscow Arbitration Court. Apple is challenging the warning that the FAS issued to it at the end of August, a spokesman for … Read more

The FBI has access to WhatsApp and iMessage

In this issue we will tell you: 00:18 – FBI reads popular instant messengers. 01:27 – Russian prostheses conveyed feelings. 02:10 – Intel’s Secret Archives revealed to the world. 03:00 – Twitter founder leaves the company. 03:54 – Android apps have learned to steal bank data. Rambler has launched the MediaUp mobile application: news without … Read more

When will the law on QR codes be adopted in Russia?

“How was your week?” – a large news podcast of the Rambler portal with the main news of the week. We not only discuss events, but also try to figure out how they directly affect you and me and our life. And experts and Rambler users help us with this: 00:25 – Antivaxer stars continue … Read more

The fingerprint scanner is easy to fool

In this issue we will tell you: 00:18 – The fingerprint sensor was tricked with glue. 01:42 – The skeleton can now be microchipped. 02:38 – The Chinese want to attach wings to the trains. 03:22 – Nuclear reactor on the moon. 04:22 – The rat was taught to play Doom. Rambler has launched a … Read more