Construction equipment is sold off wheels // But used machines slow down the implementation of new ones

Sales of domestic road-building equipment (DST) in January-September increased by almost a third. Growth is also shown by the market as a whole due to road construction, rising coal prices and the strengthening of the ruble. But even the active demand and contracts from foreign players did not allow the factories of the Russian Federation to be loaded: this is hindered by the segment of reconditioned used cars. …

Housing piggy bank // The availability of real estate is decreasing in Russia

For almost 12 years, the affordability of housing in Russia has increased, but at the end of last year, this trend has sharply changed in the opposite direction, the Institute for Urban Economics (IUE) found out. To get an apartment, a family of three would have to invest all the income collected in 3.3 years, which is 5.7% more than in the pre-pandemic 2019. The term has increased due to a rise in prices caused by preferential mortgages and a decrease in household income, and the worst situation is in the capital – 4.5 years. Developers do not see any prospects for a noticeable decline in prices and an increase in housing affordability. …

Bloomberg: Netflix Estimates Profit From The Squid Game At Nearly $ 900 Million

The South Korean series Squid Game brought streaming service Netflix $ 891.1 million at a production cost of $ 21.4 million, Bloomberg reported, citing internal Netflix filings. The company noted that about 132 million people watched at least two minutes of the show in the first 23 days of the show. Earlier, Netflix publicly reported 111 million viewers, which has already allowed the series to become the most popular in the history of the service. Netflix uses the concept of “return value” in calculations – this is how the company estimates the performance of individual series on the platform. According to data cited by Bloomberg, 89% of viewers watched at least 75 minutes of the series (more than one episode), and 66% watched the entire series. In total, Netflix has collected more than 1.4 billion hours of watching Squid Games. A lawyer representing Netflix told Bloomberg that the agency is not allowed to disclose sensitive data and the company does not discuss these figures outside of internal discussions. Bloomberg notes that Netflix does not disclose details….

Virgin Galactic shares plunge nearly 20% after commercial flights rescheduled

Virgin Galactic shares slipped 18.1% after the company announced its first commercial suborbital flight just a year later. The company made its first test flight on July 11, when Virgin founder Richard Branson and five others were found aboard the Unity 22 spacecraft. human. And that flight was not without incidents: for 1 minute 41 seconds, the spacecraft flew outside its planned trajectory, prompting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to temporarily suspend further Virgin Galactic flights. In late September, the regulator, following an investigation, allowed Virgin Galactic to continue suborbital flights. The next test flight – with an Italian crew on board – was scheduled for late September / early October. However, the company announced on Thursday that routine tests revealed that the safety margin of some materials used “to modify certain compounds” could be reduced when certain loads. “Although this new data from laboratory tests….

In Russia, the issuance of consumer loans decreased by almost 7% over the month

In September 2021, banks issued 1.17 million consumer loans for 362.6 billion rubles. This is almost 7% less than it was in August, according to the credit bureau Equifax. “The main reasons are two: the increase in the key rate, which led to an increase in nominal consumer lending rates, and the tightening of regulatory rhetoric in the market aimed at limiting issuing unsecured loans, “- said the head of the bureau Oleg Lagutkin (quoted by TASS). Earlier, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the regulator wants to impose a direct restriction on the issuance of consumer loans for banks. According to her, the Bank of Russia cannot “turn a blind eye to how quickly demand is growing now.” This accelerates inflation, and also worries the regulator in terms of social and financial stability. It is assumed that the limit will be revised every three months. About new levers of pressure on banks – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Consumer credits are brought to the limits.” …