St. Petersburg Stock Exchange plans to launch trading from 5 am

The St. Petersburg Stock Exchange announced its readiness to start trading at 5 am Moscow time. Thus, the trading day on the exchange will increase to 21 hours a day. This was stated by Roman Goryunov, a member of the board of directors of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, during the annual meeting of NP RTS participants.

“We also declare our readiness to trade even earlier than from 7 am, we think that it is most advisable to switch to the 21/5 format (21 hours 5 days a week. – “B”) and start trading at 5 o’clock in the morning, “said Mr. Goryunov (quoted by PRIME).

Earlier it was reported that the volume of transactions in the main trading in foreign shares on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange fell from $ 27 billion in April to $ 26 billion in May. In March, this figure was $ 39 billion.

In June, the exchange announced that foreign retail investors would soon be able to access trading in US stocks. The first will be the German clients of Freedom Finance, who are interested in the pool of liquidity for the premarket of US stocks, including due to the more convenient trading time.

Read about how the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange plans to expand cross-border trade in the material of “Kommersant” “All the money will come to visit us.”

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