Space tourism went private

Space tourism went private

In this issue we will tell:

00:17 – The era of private space tourism has arrived

July two thousand twenty-one will go down in history as the moment when space tourism ceased to be the prerogative of state corporations and turned into a private business. British billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, was the first in this field.

02:08 – Created a perfect cheat for video games

Fraud in computer games has always existed, but with the advent of multiplayer projects, it has reached a new level.

· 03:28 – Russian neuroimplant restores vision

Sensor-Tech laboratory presented a neuroimplant that returns figurative vision to absolutely blind people.

· 04:50 – Mining is dying again, next in line is the Chia cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Chia Coin, which became mega-popular this spring, is on the verge of oblivion. The value of the coin has already dropped eight times, to eighteen thousand rubles.

06:10 – Tesla came to the taste of mice

Tesla electric cars have become the heroes of a new scandal. As it turned out, the rodents liked the insulation of the car’s wiring. The situation itself is not unique …

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