“Security measures in St. Petersburg have been strengthened”

More than 5 thousand people will take part in the SPIEF. The forum, which kicked off on June 2, will be the world’s largest business event since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. More than 300 contracts are expected to be signed at its sites. In St. Petersburg, security measures have been strengthened, including due to COVID-19. According to the city health committee, isolated cases of hospitalization of guests and forum participants with suspected coronavirus have already been recorded. They had their badges blocked and temporarily denied access to the area where business events were held. Kommersant FM correspondent Vladimir Rasulov told about the forum.

– To begin with, security measures have been strengthened: there are a large number of policemen in the city. If you leave the Moscow railway station on Nevsky Prospekt, then at every turn you can see people in uniform, and these are not only ordinary sergeants or officers, but also many cadets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who also keep order on the streets of St. Petersburg during the forum. A similar picture could be observed, for example, in 2019, when this event was held for the last time before the pandemic. But an interesting point: some police officers on the streets are not wearing masks. For example, in Moscow, law enforcement officers often wear protective equipment, but here I did not notice masks on all police officers, but perhaps this is due to something.

I have not yet seen a large number of people with badges on the streets of the city, after all, the main part of the forum will begin on June 3. Only those people who have a badge and a negative coronavirus test will be able to get to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is a condition for activating the badge, otherwise the person will remain on the other side of the turnstile and will not be able to physically enter the site.

This forum is notable for the epidemiological measures taken at the site: every 10 meters there are sanitizers with which you can disinfect your hands, there are racks where you can take personal protective equipment. Event participants are periodically reminded to wear a mask. Basically, people observe the mask regime, although not in all pavilions.

There are certain restrictions of Rospotrebnadzor. I watched as one of the employees of the department monitors two monitors that are under the cameras. These devices online allow you to measure the temperature of people passing by. It can be stated that the condition of the participants and guests of the forum is being actively monitored, and this will be the case throughout the entire SPIEF-2021.

In the center of St. Petersburg, of course, there is a noticeable revival in restaurants, especially on summer verandas, since the city has established quite comfortable summer weather, the air temperature is + 23 … + 25 degrees. I managed to look into one of the restaurants to see what was going on. It was not possible to take a table on the veranda – everything was booked, but there is no excitement inside yet. Although on June 3 and 4, on the main days of the SPIEF, it is almost impossible to book a table in the city’s most popular establishments. You will have to look for some alternative options or leave the center, because during the forum the number of people who want to relax in the evening or hold a business meeting traditionally grows. So for the next two days in central restaurants, it will be quite difficult for a casual guest to dine.

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