Scientists have named a possible scenario for the death of humanity on Earth

In 500 years, the Earth may become uninhabitable for human life. This is stated in an article by Canadian and British scientists published in the online library Wiley on September 24.

Scientists note that the UN mistakenly neglects long-term risks. Researchers identify three possible scenarios for the development of events of changes on the planet, the worst of which is the lack of fertile land and the impossibility of further living on Earth.

“If global warming is not stopped, in five hundred years the Earth will change so much that we will have to fight to survive and preserve our historically and geographically rooted cultures,” scientists say.

According to the researchers, part of the Earth due to global warming may become uninhabitable, and a number of agricultural crops, including wheat and potatoes, will become scarce. They note that soybeans and corn will be the most widespread in these conditions.

In addition, the researchers added that demographic projections suggest that by 2100 the number of people could be between 7 billion and 16 billion, which will put additional strain on scenarios with nutritional deficiencies.

Earlier, on August 9, the UN warned of an irreversible catastrophe on Earth due to global warming. According to the organization’s experts, the temperature limit on Earth may be violated if carbon dioxide emissions are not halved by 2030, and completely by 2050.

The UN report says that in the coming decades, the planet will be shaken by hurricanes and widespread fires. So, the oceans will continue to heat up and become more acidic. Mountain and polar glaciers will melt at a faster rate. And by 2100, extreme events associated with sea level rise, occurring about once every 100 years, will occur at least once a year.

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