Sberbank announced the mass implementation of “SberCarta”

The line of bank cards issued by Sberbank will be changed, and SberCarta, launched in 2020 as part of the rebranding of the Sberbank group, will become a priority, the company said. Sberbank noted that SberCard already accounts for 60% of new sales.

“Last year we launched a new SberCard, and now, realizing that it is the most popular product among customers, we decided to replace most of the bank’s old card products with it,” said Igor Kovalev, director of the Sberbank Customer Wallet Division. An exception will be made for a number of co-branding offers (in particular, Aeroflot and Gift of Life cards), as well as for holders of old cards – these customers will retain the possibility of re-issuing them.

In addition to the main “SberCard” on the Sberbank website, its variants are available for registration – “Youth”, “Travel”, “For benefits and pensions” and “For foreigners”. The press release does not indicate whether these cards will be removed from the offer. Also, in addition to the co-branding exception cards mentioned by Sberbank, the bank offers to issue digital and instant cards.

Sberbank has begun to reduce the range of debit cards available for ordering to new customers since the beginning of the summer, according to archival copies of the bank’s website. In particular, on May 1, in addition to SberCards, the bank offered separate versions for budgetary charges and with increased bonuses. At the beginning of the year, cards were available that existed before the release of SberCarta – Classic, Gold and with an individual design. Now all these products have been moved to the archive, and the possibility of individualization has passed to SberCard.

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