Russians have named the minimum required income for families

To meet basic needs, Russian households need a monthly income of about 61 thousand rubles. According to the ministry, 75.7% of families experience difficulties with money.

More than 100 thousand Russian households took part in the survey. According to the 2010 census, there are 54.6 million of them in the country. The survey took place in October-November 2020.

In 2018, the minimum required income, according to Russians, was 58.5 thousand rubles, while a larger number of households experienced difficulties – 79.5%, in 2016 – 84.6%. Thus, with consumer prices rising by more than 7% over a two-year period, the subjective assessment of the minimum required amount increased by only 4%.

Earlier, the chairman of the Union of Consumers of Russia, Pyotr Shelishch, told Vechernyaya Moskva that the rise in prices for basic food products would continue in the future. According to him, such products include cereals, pasta, sugar, vegetable oil and bread. The Ministry of Agriculture claims that the rise in food prices in Russia will be in line with inflation.

Why fish gastronomy and preserves can rise in price – in the material of Kommersant, “Canned food will be rolled higher”.

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