Russian Standard reported a decrease in the number of purchases of household goods

The average check for purchases of household goods decreased over the year by 36%, to 1,493 rubles, according to the Russian Standard Bank following a study of data from cash registers for the period from March to May 2020 and 2021. The authors of the study linked the trend to the return of employees to offices and a decrease in demand for home improvement.

“The average check from March to May 2021 relative to March-May 2020 in this category decreased by 36% and amounted to 1,493 rubles.”

In addition to returning to offices, analysts attribute the drop in demand to the fact that last year’s purchases covered the need for large home improvement costs. “If last year they bought, for example, high-quality dishes or bathroom accessories at a high price, then in the spring of 2021 there is no new need for such purchases, and attention could switch to more inexpensive things,” they explain.

Note that in Moscow from June 28, companies will again be required to transfer 30% of employees to a remote mode of work. Among other requirements introduced due to the spread of coronavirus in the capital are the mandatory vaccination of 60% of service and delivery workers, as well as attendance at catering only by the QR code of vaccination, COVID-19 transferred or PCR testing in the last three days.

On the situation with the coronavirus in Moscow – in the material of “Kommersant” “Obligatory remote control returns.”

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