Russia and France to create a working group on the champagne dispute

French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandy discussed the Russian law on champagne with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergei Levin. They agreed to work on resolving the dispute. The parties plan to negotiate and create a working group, reports Reuters. “We have reached an agreement on a method of work to clarify the new Russian wine law and find a solution to the situation that our champagne is facing,” Mr. Denormandy wrote on Twitter. President Vladimir Putin signed into law the champagne law in July. The document allows only Russian wine to be called champagne. Foreign products must be labeled as sparkling wine. Thus, wine from the Champagne province in Russia cannot be labeled as champagne. French manufacturers temporarily suspended the export of their products because of the law. On the resumption of supplies – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Champagne went to the world.” …

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