Ruprodsoyuz: producers and packers have not raised the price of buckwheat since May

Prices for buckwheat from producers and packers have not risen since May, Dmitry Vostrikov, executive director of the Association of Producers and Suppliers of Food Products Rusprodsoyuz, told RIA Novosti. Earlier, RBC reported that in August prices for buckwheat in stores rose to a record level over the past ten years, exceeding 100 rubles. per 1 kg. “The price of buckwheat from producers and buckwheat groats from packers has not increased since May, and a slight change in prices towards growth in early September can be explained by a temporary shortage of raw materials between seasons,” said Mr. Vostrikov. According to him, demand from the side of groats factories is at the level of last year, and the export of buckwheat is “now under a big question”, therefore, does not create additional demand. The head of Rusprodsoyuz reported that in 2020 Russia harvested 893 thousand tons of buckwheat against 786 thousand tons in 2019 … Now the regions are basically just starting to harvest this crop. It is expected that this year it will be possible to harvest even more crops, added….

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