Rospotrebnadzor of Moscow ordered to vaccinate 60% of delivery employees

The Rospotrebnadzor department of the capital ordered to vaccinate 60% of those employed in the delivery of goods and food, a corresponding addition was made to the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor of Moscow. Previously, the document required to vaccinate at least 60% of employees in the service sector and catering.

A paragraph on vaccination of employees of the “delivery of goods and food products, including courier services” has been added to the decree “On conducting preventive vaccinations for certain groups of citizens according to epidemic indications”.

Earlier, this list included workers in trade, services, public catering, transport, health care, housing and communal services, MFC, education, culture and organizations working with children. By August 15, at least 60% of employees must be vaccinated with two components of the vaccine.

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According to the explanation of the headquarters of the capital, the employer is obliged to suspend an employee who refused to be vaccinated in the absence of medical contraindications. Such an employee is not paid a salary, and missed working time is not included in the length of service, which entitles him to annual paid leave. In this case, the presence of antibodies is not a contraindication.

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