Roscosmos wants to create a company for commercial services on the ISS

The state corporation Roscosmos has announced a tender for the preparation of a project for a company that will provide commercial services on the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS), Interfax reported, citing government procurement materials. The work should be completed by July 15, 2022. The contractor will have to deal with “preparation and support for the approval of the draft decision of the board of the state corporation Roscosmos on the creation of an operator for the provision of services on the Russian segment of the ISS in matters of commercial use of the ISS,” the agency quotes an excerpt from the description of the tender … The cost of work will be 60 million rubles. Earlier, “Roskosmos” announced a tender for research work for the lunar program, including landing a man on the moon. For 1.7 billion rubles. the contractor will have to develop projects of assignments for development work on the creation of “space vehicles for manned flights to the moon and near-lunar space.”

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