Rosatom expressed readiness for dialogue with potential investors of the Baltic NPP

Polish private energy company ZE PAK has announced a potential interest in investing in the construction of the Baltic nuclear power plant in the Kaliningrad region. Rosatom announced that it is ready for a dialogue on this issue. The construction of the Baltic NPP was frozen in 2013.

The interest of the Polish company was initially announced by the analyst of the analytical platform Polityka Insight Robert Tomaszewski. According to him, Hungarian energy company MVM may also join ZE PAK. The Polish firm has confirmed information about its potential interest. A spokesperson said the company is focusing on ditching coal and looking for clean energy sources. According to him, ZE PAK is considering many options: from building a nuclear power plant in Poland from scratch to participating in the Baltic nuclear power plant project.

Rosatom believes that the Baltic NPP is a promising regional energy project that is in line with the EU’s plans to decarbonize the economy. “The market interest of potential investors in the project today speaks of the prospects for high demand from industry and the population for a stable source of electricity with a predictable cost per kilowatt-hour. ROSATOM remains open to dialogue with stakeholders, ”the corporation said in a statement (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Construction of the Baltic NPP with two power units began in 2010. It was suspended in 2013 after the decision of the Baltic countries to leave the single energy system with Russia in favor of the EU market. In 2019, it was announced that the nuclear power plant was mothballed.

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