Restaurateurs reported a loss of up to 90% of revenue after the introduction of the entrance by QR codes

Moscow restaurateurs reported a drop of up to 90% of revenue from the first day of the QR code system (June 28). Many establishments without summer verandas suspend their work. Recall that only the summer verandas of cafes and restaurants are available to visitors who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus, have not recovered from COVID-19 and do not have a PCR test for its absence.

“There is a social media group that publishes information about restaurant closings every day. The establishments that are finally closed, there are from three to five a day. This dynamic is growing every day. Restaurants that leave for an indefinite period for “freezing” – release employees, close the restaurant and leave only rent – there are about 20 such restaurants a day. In this group of 2 thousand subscribers, it is quite difficult to cover the dynamics of closing restaurants in the capital as a whole, ”said Anastasia Tatulova, ombudsman for small and medium-sized businesses, founder of the Anderson children’s café chain, to Interfax.

“Restaurants that lack summer verandas or are very small; and they do not have goods that go for delivery, they have the most difficult situation, these restaurants are closing one after another, ”said the owner of the Meat & Ryba restaurant chain Sergei Mironov.

According to Aleksey Vasilchuk, owner of the RESTart Vasilchuk Brothers holding (Depo Moscow food mall, Chaikhona No. 1), the loss of revenue for restaurants without summer verandas ranges from 70% to 90%, for establishments with verandas – from 20% to 50%.

The QR code system assumes that they must be presented in cafes and restaurants, as well as at public events with the participation of more than 500 people. Only citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with the second component of the vaccine or a single-component vaccine registered in the Russian Federation, as well as those who have had coronavirus within six months or have a negative PCR test result (valid for 72 hours), can receive a QR code.

Why the owners of Moscow cafes and restaurants are dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Restaurants are put on the streets”.

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