Restaurateurs ask to postpone the introduction of QR codes in Moscow for a month

The capital’s restaurateurs asked the Moscow authorities to postpone the requirement to allow only visitors with a QR code confirming vaccination against coronavirus or having a negative PCR test. Anastasia Tatulova, the Ombudsman in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, founder of the Anderson family cafes and pastry shops, told the Vedomosti newspaper about a request to postpone the innovation from June 28 to August 1.

“The city cannot cope with those who want to be vaccinated and PCR tests,” Ms. Tatulova commented on the proposal. She added that restaurateurs also want to admit visitors to verandas without restrictions, where seating distances will be maintained. According to her, the restaurant business is ready to pay for the services of mobile doctors.

Anastasia Tatulova noted that it was not representatives of the sphere that proposed restrictions on the work of public catering. “The restaurateurs were just ready to conduct an experiment to enable the establishments to work after 23:00, and now everyone supports the experiment, but not as part of the mandatory requirement,” she said.

Alexei Nemeryuk, the first deputy head of the mayor’s office and the government of the capital, said that from June 28, only those who have been vaccinated from the coronavirus who have recovered from the coronavirus or who have provided negative PCR test results will be able to visit the summer verandas and seasonal cafes in Moscow. The authorities of the Moscow Region took similar measures. In accordance with the decree of the governor of the region, Andrei Vorobyov, from June 28, catering establishments in the Moscow region will also start using QR codes, the work of verandas may be limited.

On the restrictions on the work of catering – in the material “Kommersant” “Code for a snack.”

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