REO has estimated the maximum share of eco-harvest in the prime cost at 1.5%

The influence of the full rate of environmental tax does not exceed 1.5% in the cost of production, said Denis Butsaev, general director of the Russian Environmental Operator. According to him, producers who warn about price increases due to the introduction of a new mechanism of extended producer responsibility (EPR) are disingenuous and do not want to pay eco-tax.

“The largest figure that we calculated with the experts is up to 1.5%. This is for the most expensive ones – glass and aluminum. Less for plastic. So, when producers say that an increase in the price of their products is inevitable, they are cunning in order not to pay the eco-fee, “Mr. Butsaev said in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper.

The head of the REO noted that the operator plans to allocate about 7 billion rubles. 12 projects focused on waste sorting under concession and investment agreements. At the same time, he stated that REO is “not a market participant, but a development institution,” and does not invest in projects on its own.

The EPR mechanism stipulates that those companies that are obliged to compensate for harm to nature and do not fulfill their quota must pay an environmental fee. Dairy producers and press publishers have stated that the regulations, which will come into force in 2022, will lead to higher prices.

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